Beginning to look for planning meeting dates

I’ve written the RBC secretary (AKA my Mom) and asked which dates are convenient in January for us to hold our meeting.  We will be meeting every Friday from March 10 – April 21 2017, skipping Good Friday, circle time starts at 9:45, teachers can set up their rooms at 9:30.

Please glance at your coming year, what days of the week are good, which ones are bad?  We always meet at RBC at 7 PM, we are often out the door by 8:30 PM, sometimes earlier.  Technically, once you have volunteered for two jobs (either teaching or helping) you can go home. We determine how many classes we will run by how many adults we have available (the formula is: (available adults – 2)/2 = number of classes) but you do not have to teach a class, and we certainly won’t penalize you for a good idea my making you teach it if you do not want to.  (Helping is another matter – you will all get drafted.  Unless you have a new baby or just had surgery or…) the ability to tutor your own children is not the same as the ability to teach a group of other people’s children.

Here are some organizing questions:

  • What gaps do you want to fill with coop (remember, the spring is only 6 weeks, because everyone is tired out of homeschooling in March, we usually keep on the light, fun side, because that’s all we Moms can expect of ourselves at that time.)
  • What are your kids interested in doing?
  • What hobbies/interests do you LOVE to share?
  • Were there classes or books we already own that your older kids loved and your younger ones will benefit from?
  • I want to do another Lego simple machines class and get to levers – and the WEDO programming kit, it anyone has a smart phone or tablet we can use during the class, (and so does Franzi.)

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  1. Any day will work for me… I may have to bring the kids, but that depends on my husbands schedule, which I won’t know until the week of! Legos sounds wonderful! Programming too! I will brainstorm some ideas with the kids for the new session!

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