Anyone have a heart for mentoring new homeschoolers?

I was listening to a Carol Topp podcast about homeschool group leadership and got inspired:  What if a few of you took over writing response e-mails to interested new homeschoolers, and mentoring young homeschooling families?  For one thing, you are probably better at it than I am, for another thing, it’s a way we could encourage the community without overfilling our already full nursery or pre-k room.

Most e-mails I get from our site are “Hey, I’m moving to Mass, how on Earth do I register for this!” sorts of things, and young families who want to join so that they can learn how to homeschool their 3 and 4 year old. I have to tell the later to wait because we just don’t have room for more babies and toddlers, and I never hear from them again.  The other e-mails are from tutors, curriculum writers and researchers.  I usually ignore them.

The “How on Earth do I register for this!” emails are usually interesting, but take a while, would anyone like to take them over for me?   The phone calls really get long, especially in Spring with local families considering emergency homeschooling.  (Those can be heartbreaking). It’s a good way to love our neighbors, but they seldom wind up joining the coop, so loving your neighbor has to be your motivation.

I’d love it if we had someone ready to take a young family over for a play date or play ground meet up to help them think through how to school littles.  There aren’t many homeschool groups for pre-k (everyone else has the same problem we do with space and time).

Anyone interested?  I’d forward the e-mail to you to respond to, and give you some samples letters you could model yours on.  For mentoring I’d give you some talking points and a resource list so you have a starting place.  Be sure to teach them how to put books on reserve through AILS or the RI system. We usually get 2 people in the spring who are moving to Mass or thinking of emergency homeschool, and 2 young families in the late summer, so you can know what the potential workload is.

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