Planning meeting coming

We will meet to plan the 2018 Spring coop on January 22 at 7PM at Rehoboth Baptist Church.

  • Please remind your friends who want to join us to come to the planning meeting
  • Please gather up ideas for our classes; ask your kids, ask your husband, ask yourself, and pray about it.  What do you love to teach? What would you love for somebody else to teach?  What is fun for groups of kids to do and hard for one or two to pull off?
  • What gaps do you want to fill with coop (remember, the spring is only 6 weeks, because everyone is tired out of homeschooling in March, we usually keep on the light, fun side, because that’s all we Moms can expect of ourselves at that time.)
  • What are your kids interested in doing?
  • What hobbies/interests do you LOVE to share?
  • Were there classes or books we already own that your older kids loved and your younger ones will benefit from?
  • Lego simple machines class with levers – and the WEDO programming kit, it anyone has a smart phone or tablet we can use during the class

Just in case you were wondering what was discussed last time, here are the ideas suggested at our previous planning meeting that we did not end up using for classes. You can also see this post for classes we have done in prior years.

Mock Trial
Hands on science
Lego (older)
Sign language
Science fair
Spelling bee
Rocket science
Dough class
Science experiments
Sports history

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