Photography and Armour of God Class Descriptions

Photography Class Intro

This is a 7th grade and up Intro to camera basics and techniques. Any camera is welcome – DSLR, Cell phone, point and shoot! let’s learn how to not only use and care for our equipment but to do fun things like control light, shadows, and perception. There will be indoor and outdoor activities, problem solving, crafts, imagination building, team work, and lessons that will help children learn how to “see” the world through a photographers eye as well as give them confidence in camera techniques and handling.

Armor of God

Each week we will learn one piece of armor, what God says about it, and how to apply it to our life in small but mighty ways. The Helmet of Salvation, Belt of Truth, Sword of the Word of God, Shield of Faith, Breastplate of Righteousness, and Shoes of Peace!!! Each week we will make a piece of armor to wear and at the end kids will have a suit of amour. Imagination, play, Crafts, Art, Relationship building, and Christ Centered Moral Ethics in engaging and fun lessons.

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