Reminder, planning meeting date

The planning meeting is for tonight, June 30 at 7PM at Rehoboth Baptist Church.

We should be out of there by 8:30 at the latest.

The first half hour we will chat, look at suggested books and ideas we have each brought, then the second half hour we will plan.  When each age group has two classes with two designated adults to teach them, we can all go home.  The more adults we have to work with the better.

New members may help in a class, but we don’t ask them to teach until they have worked with us a semester.  It can be boring, it can be a relief, but we will know each other first.

I’m not sure if the notification system is working yet, there were some comments that didn’t get e-mailed to me, so you may need to write me directly

guestfam at verizon dot net

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