Classes for Fall 2016

First Hour Classes

Nursery: Stephani, Charisma, Jamie

Pre-K: Michelle, Dominique,

K-1 5-in-a-Row: Franzie, Christine

K-3 Jr Speech Presentation: Beth, Jen

4th grade and up Mock Trial: Heidi, Lori


Second Hour Classes

Nursery: Stephani, Dominique

Pre-K: Beth, Michelle

K-2nd Art: Heidi, Lori

1-3rd Simple Machines: Christine (Needs Helper)

4-8th Speech Class & Visuals Jamie (Needs Helper)



2 Replies to “Classes for Fall 2016”

  1. Hi Christine, I am not sure how to register for the classes. If is possible register Samantha for 1st class: speech presentation k-3;
    And for 2nd class Simple machines 1-3.
    If you need any help and would like to use me, I am available, just tell me what to do or how can I help.
    Cleonice Kukulka

    • We’re doing fine Cleonice, I have a copy of your preferences for your daughter’s classes, and I’ll let you know what chores we’d like you to do a little later this summer, then you can ask for other ones if you need to!

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