Course Description – Pre K, Beth’s hour

I’d like to focus this fall on farm animals and farm life! Identifying and matching baby animal names to adult animal names, what products we get from each animal, and animal jobs.

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  1. Pre-K Music, Movement, & story Hour-Miss Michelle’s Hour

    Children will move in their favorite ways (crawling, jumping, turning, stomping, and clapping) to high-energy & fun imaginative children’s guided music. Every class the children will be engaged with music props (rhythm sticks, bean bags, scarves, parachute and bubbles). Children will use their imagination, learn concepts (opposites, space, time, gross motor skills, body awareness).
    We will have an interactive storytime with felt board or other manipulatives.
    There will be a “montessori” sensory component to the class where the kids will explore, sort, discover items through their senses using fun high quality montessori materials.

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