What is Eagle’s Wings Co-op?

We are a co-operative of Christian homeschool families, in South Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island creating academic and enrichment classes for our own children by pooling our teaching strengths and abilities. As an extension of our families’ homeschools, we help one another meet our educational goals in a wholesome environment that fosters godly character and encourages both children and parents to excellence.


What is the Vision or Mission Statement for Eagle’s Wings Co-op?

We pool our resources, expertise and children for group activities that are difficult for our families to do on their own.

Where and when does the co-op meet?

We meet together for classes on Fridays at the Rehoboth Baptist Church on Route 118 in Rehoboth, MA. Semesters usually run 10 weeks in Fall, 6 weeks in Spring, with specific dates determined at an organizational meeting prior to that semester.

Are there any fees?

There is a $10 per family fee per semester (that’s just $1 per week), due on or before the first class of each semester. This covers incidental expenses for the classes. Particular classes may require an additional materials or book fee.  If we hire an outside teacher, each parent will pay their fee, but a free class for the age group will be available at the same time as the for pay class.

Who can participate?

A family whose oldest child is registered to homeschool (aged 6 or older). The new family must agree with the vision, statement of faith and mission of the co-op, visit during a Friday meeting to see what we are like in person, and be willing to volunteer as outlined below. A new family will be accepted on a space-available basis for the next semester.

What kinds of classes are offered?

We try to accommodate the needs of the whole family. Currently there are classes for:

  • Pre-kindergarten/kindergarten
  • Grades 1-8 (ages 6 to 14), usually in multi-age groups
  • Nursery for infants and toddlers

There is potential for:

  • Supervised study area for children not engaged in a class
  • Fellowship or Bible study for parents not assigned to a class
  • Academic support group for parents

What are parental responsibilities?

The success of the Eagle’s Wings Co-op depends on all moms (and/or available dads) contributing their time and talents to run the co-op. Remember, we’re called a “cooperative,” meaning we all cooperate together toward our goals.

  • We expect all Mothers (and/or available Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Older Siblings), whose children are involved, to be willing to lead/assist in activities, care for little ones, administrate, help set up and clean up.
  • Families are expected to arrive promptly each session and leave promptly when all clean up chores are done.
  • A Parent (usually Mom) should be in attendance at all co-op sessions.
  • Parents should expect to volunteer at least two out of the three hours. (We understand about new babies, debilitating illnesses, jury duty and other odd problems, and will work with you to find acceptable alternative ways to contribute.)  The specific chores will be assigned, but you can list which ones you hate first.  We will try to work around your preferences, but we don’t make any promises to fulfill them.
  • Parents without specific assignments should expect to fill in where needed.

The bottom line is, Everyone needs to help. When everyone pulls their own weight (kids included), no one will suffer burnout, and the co-op will be a pleasure and benefit for all of us.

Older Children are welcome to help in classes, carry props and teaching aids, work in the nursery along an adult, and even to teach a class if they give their plans to Christine first. Let’s remember the resources that teens can be.

What are the behavior expectations for children?

Kids should use “library voices” in quiet study hall, “conversational voices” in class, and “genteel party behavior” during set up, breaks, clean up and class projects (such as science class). Children are expected to be respectful to adults and their peers at all times.

Parents, please explain behavior and attitude expectations to your kids before they come to Co-op, and to each class before you begin. Don’t hesitate to address any misbehavior you observe during sessions, but refer all discipline matters to the child’s parent.

If a child is distraught, naughty or ill, teachers should summon a floor officer who will bring the child to his or her parent. If the parent is teaching, the helper should cover the class and another parent should be brought in to assure that there are always two adults in each classroom.

What if I have a conflict or offense with someone?

Don’t let a personal conflict go unresolved! This allows the enemy to wreak havoc in your relationships and can poison the entire co-op. If you are offended and cannot extend grace in the situation, then you must go to the offender directly—not discussing it with anyone else. If you cannot resolve the situation, then you must involve the leader (Christine). Dealing with it quickly is essential. Our goal is to keep the conflict as small as possible and see the relationships restored as soon as possible.


Eagle’s Wings co-op has a board made up of Christine Guest, and Heidi Kinney.  They will review arrangements made at planning meetings and group meetings, making final tweeks as necessary.  We’re always looking for ways to improve, to increase our efficiency and to better meet the needs of our children.